Hot water at home is a necessary condition, it is difficult to imagine daily life without it and it is not very desirable. A fairly large amount is spent on heating water every month, it depends on the way this water is heated. For example, a cube of hot water from a centralized network costs UAH 80-100. At such prices, a family of two spends approximately $200 on utility bills for hot water per year! Electricity from the network is also widely used to heat water with a boiler or a gas boiler, but these costs also significantly hit the wallet from year to year.

SETech has prepared a comprehensive solution that can cover your hot water needs, while you only need to pay for it once and the sun will provide your home with free energy!

We offer you a system based on the SK2000 solar controller, which directs the energy from the solar modules directly to the boiler. The main application of the controller is small residential buildings with a daily need for hot water up to 150 liters. (apartments with balconies, houses, cottages, etc.).

The system consists of:
– SK2000 controller,
– 4-5 solar panels,
– fasteners for panels,
– supplies.

Principle of operation

The DC voltage produced by the solar panels passes through the controls in the controller and is kept stable within the operating range of the solar panels. Regulation occurs by changing the power (current) at the terminals of the electric heating element of the boiler at a stable value of the voltage of the solar panels. Thanks to this, the maximum power draw is guaranteed, limited only by the input power from the solar panels. This regulation method is necessary to obtain maximum efficiency and is due to the non-linear current-voltage characteristic of solar panels.

For example, if you connect the outputs of the solar panels directly to the terminals of the electric heater, then 10%-300% of the solar energy may be underutilized. The system uses a boiler temperature sensor and turns off when the set temperature is reached.

  • Complete autonomy
  • Ease of operation of the controller (automatic protection, simple menu),
  • Pump groups, glycol, pipes, etc. are not needed.
  • Minimal maintenance,
  • Ease of installation, wall mounting is possible,
  • Easy parameter monitoring.
Technical characteristics of the SK2000 controller
  • The maximum power of connected solar panels is – 2000 W,
  • The amount of heated water up to 60°C is approximately – 150 liters/day,
  • The maximum voltage from solar panels is – 250 V,
  • Operating voltage from solar panels – 180-210 V,
  • The maximum input current from solar panels is – 12 A,
  • Current limit – 9.3 A,
  • The recommended power of the heater is 1500 W (maximum – 2000 W),
  • Operating temperature range – +5-+45°С,
  • Protection class – IR20,
  • Weight – 2 kg,
  • Dimensions – 190x240x105,
  • Warranty – 3 years.

So, such a system based on a solar controller and solar panels will provide daily hot water needs of up to 150 liters. In addition, the SK2000 controller is compatible with any electric boiler, except water heaters with an electronic control module, and does not require a central power supply.

If you already have a boiler and spend the money you earn on utility bills every month, pay attention to our offer as soon as possible. We can install your system in 1 business day and you will be able to enjoy many, many years of free solar energy!

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