As part of the service of solar power plants, we perform:

  • Round-the-clock online FES monitoring and reporting;
  • Detailed analysis of the technical condition of the equipment;
  • Software support after commissioning;
  • Carrying out complex works of the electrical laboratory;
  • Execution of the entire set of regulatory works;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Preventive works;
  • Consultations.
Within the scope of service, it is possible to carry out the modernization of existing systems,
which provide expansion of their functional capabilities.
Qualified service will not only detect
possible defects in the operation of the equipment,
but will also ensure its guaranteed operation.

Among the advantages of our service support:

  • A high level of service is guaranteed;
  • Optimization and the possibility of planning costs for service and repair;
  • Minimization of business risks due to reduction of downtime and prevention of possible accidents;
  • Transfer of responsibility for maintenance;
  • Application of advanced technologies and methods;
  • Speed of response.