Practical experience, as well as dozens of successfully implemented projects, allowed each employee to develop reliable and effective methods of installing complex structures of solar power plants, both ground-based and roof-based.

Construction and assembly works include several important stages

Project management at the construction stage

General construction works

Electrical works

Adjustment works


We recommend that each of these stages be performed with a complex order – this will ensure high-quality performance and full responsibility for the work performed. Although these stages can be performed individually with partial subcontracting of the SETech company, it is advisable to use this option in extreme cases, because familiarization with someone else’s project documentation, as well as the analysis of the work performed, may take additional time and costs.

A wide range of construction and installation services and pre-installation preparation of facilities

Acting as a contractor, the SETech company guarantees the performance of all necessary works to ensure the successful start-up of a pre-designed SES.

Compulsory works include:

Preparation of foundations for metal structures and fasteners, including trackers

Laying of cable networks (ground or air) and mandatory protective equipment

Turnkey commissioning works of hybrid, autonomous and network power plants

Testing of installed systems

Installation of a monitoring and control system

A comprehensive approach during construction and assembly works will allow to significantly speed up the commissioning of the station, as well as eliminate the need to search for the necessary contractor, because we always keep all the necessary personnel on staff.

High level of responsibility and sufficient qualification of employees

The qualification of employees of SETech is based not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on quite a lot of practical experience. Our employees put a large number of private SESs into operation. Having the necessary knowledge and technical means, the company’s employees will perform all the above-mentioned works as best as possible.

The good equipment of the installation crew allows them to work on almost any type of roof, for the integrity of which they are also responsible.