Based on the experience already gained, the SETech company is able to offer high-quality consulting assistance on the implementation of solar power plants, as well as on the application of energy-saving systems for modern buildings of both private and commercial importance.

SETech has been active in the alternative energy market since 2011. Today, we actively use the energy of the sun with the help of solar power plants of various types, solar systems for heating water, as well as other practical options for using the energy of the sun. A significant part of the solutions implemented by us is tied to a profitable “green” tariff, which allows private households to save on electricity bills and receive additional income.

In view of this, it is possible to single out our knowledge base, based on practical activities in Ukraine under the conditions of a “green” tariff and not only:

  • Study and evaluation of the market of renewable energy sources in any region of Ukraine,
  • Study of the industry as a whole, as well as competitors,
  • Project cash flow forecast,
  • Preparation of own and evaluation of previously formed business plans,
  • Strategic consultations,
  • Selection of technologies and equipment (it is advisable if it is possible to choose equipment suppliers, as well as different sources of renewable energy).
  • Study of the technical and financial feasibility of the project,
  • Sketch design (relevant for complex architectural objects and allows you to identify possible problems and weak points of the future object even before the start of construction and installation work).
  • Project planning.
  • Support and author supervision of turnkey projects.

Convenient planning for energy facilities

SETech company at the consulting stage can provide a detailed business plan based on the use of the solar power plant. Such a business plan allows you to understand all the risks and guarantees for private home ownership

Our business plan usually includes the following sections:

  • Information about the owner or initiator of the project;
  • A detailed description of the project construction object, as well as comprehensive information about the location of the energy project object;
  • Comprehensive calculation of the cost of project implementation before final commissioning;
  • Verified forecast of revenues and expenses for the project;
  • Analysis of the flow of funds in accordance with changes in the prices of the “green” tariff;
  • Calculation of the payback of the entire project or its part, taking into account several options for the development of events;
  • Calculation of investment indicators of the project;
  • Possible variants of the financial model – based on own capital or taking into account a loan from a third party.

The final cost of preparing documentation for a business plan is individual and depends on the complexity of the planned alternative energy facility, so it is issued on a separate request for a specific situation.