Before entering the market of alternative energy sources with offers of services for the construction of power plants under a “green” tariff, the team of the SETech company made sure to study all the relevant legal norms, without which it is impossible to achieve a quick commissioning of the finished power plant.

Today, we have considerable experience in introducing solar network power plants and connecting them at a “green” tariff, relying not only on knowledge, but also on experience.

Development of alternative energy projects

These are completely understandable procedures, without which it is impossible to implement power plant projects based on alternative energy sources, in particular solar power plants

First, it is the preparation of documents for a private household. Collecting all the necessary documents for connecting a generating plant is sometimes more difficult than it seems at first glance.

The owners must have ownership rights to the real estate on the plot of land where the SPP is planned to be located.

The terms of preparation of documents are different – from several days to two months. In any case, we work on the client’s side and are ready to provide him with turnkey development, taking into account the necessary legal procedure

We always try to help the customer, if there is such a need. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us at the stage of decision-making and consulting for a preliminary assessment and selection of a business plan, because this can help reduce the time of development and start-up and, therefore, the final start-up of the network power station into operation, taking into account all the requirements for connecting a “green” tariff .

The SETech company – we build and put into operation ready-made solar power plants based on photovoltaic modules using a “green” turnkey tariff. Practical developments in this field help to create design and estimate documentation for both private household power plants and large-capacity industrial SPPs.

The SETech company has been working on the renewable energy market since 2011, and therefore has mastered the use of not only land plots, but also roofs and building facades for the installation of solar power plants. In our projects, we use both stationary mounts for photovoltaic modules (aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel) and mobile trackers, which are able to ensure the greatest efficiency of SES by rotating the solar panels following the movement of the sun.

If necessary, we can accompany our project work with detailed studies in the form of technical and economic justification, technical and economic calculations, preparation of sketch documentation, pre-project modeling.

Feasibility study and calculation of a solar power plant is a set of received data that generally conveys the essence of capital costs for construction and information about the effectiveness of capital investments in general. TEO and TER is developed only individually and according to a specific order, taking into account all features and details. Feasibility study – a wider volume of information, most often relevant for large investment projects for the construction of large-capacity solar power plants.

Technical and economic calculations, which include:

  • Justification of the planned capacity of the grid solar power plant;
  • Review and analysis of the characteristics of the equipment that will be used in the project;
  • The financial model, including the planned amount of electricity produced, planned costs for construction, operation and maintenance;
  • Programs in the form of necessary certificates and passports for equipment.

Individual approach and compliance with national and international standards

Each new object is an individual work taking into account the smallest details of the design task.

Design and estimate documentation from SETech is legally verified information that accelerates the implementation of the project not only in state bureaucratic vicissitudes, but also the only means for the accurate completion of technical tasks, which provides the greatest efficiency of the SES put into operation.