During its long existence, the SETech company managed to establish close relations with equipment suppliers from world leaders in the alternative energy industry. This allows us to provide our customers with favorable prices for a good product.

A complete set of necessary equipment for network SES

To date, the most popular solar systems are network solar power plants, which are used both in private households and for commercial purposes under a “green” tariff. Our company constantly supports current market trends and, accordingly, the main emphasis is on network power plants, however, if the client needs an autonomous and hybrid plant, we will also provide all the necessary equipment.

Included in the set of a standard network power plant:

  • Photo modules are the most expensive component of a solar power plant that generates electricity under the influence of photons of sunlight;
  • Network inverter – a direct current to alternating current converter with the possibility of increasing the voltage to 220 V;
  • Cables and connectors – with their help, they connect the panels and ensure the supply of electricity to the inverter with its further transmission to the public network;
  • Automatic protection system – provides protection of the system against overvoltages in the general network and insurance in case of accidents in the general network,
  • A set of fasteners for solar panels;
  • Trackers are structures that can ensure the movement of the plane of the solar panels behind the sun, ensuring the best efficiency of the SES.

For our company, it is very important that each client receives not only a financial benefit, but also ensures reliable and trouble-free operation of the power plant for many years. To implement this idea, SETech cooperates with proven global manufacturers who guarantee high stability of their equipment, as well as the lowest degradation rates of photovoltaic modules.

Since 2015, the dynamics of the market has shown the highest performance of Chinese manufacturers, the share of their products was 73% of all sold equipment for solar power plants. 5% of the manufactured modules were assembled outside China, but with Chinese components, so manufacturers from other countries make up only 22% of the market. These indicators testify to the high characteristics of Chinese photomodules, components for them, as well as to a good pricing policy that allows savings, increasing the profit of commercial and private SPPs.

The most popular brands in the field of solar energy can be considered:

  • Amerisolar
  • Ja Solar
  • Longi Solar
  • ABI-Solar
  • Kaco
  • Huawei
  • Stark
  • SMA
  • та інші

In general, the choice of solar panels, like the rest of the equipment for network power plants, should be treated very carefully and carefully, and it is better to entrust it to the experienced employees of our company, who have behind them more than a dozen successfully implemented projects with a constantly updated inventory of spare parts for maintenance and service repair from direct suppliers.

By purchasing from us components for SES or ordering ready-made solutions based on the proposed equipment, the customer is relieved of any worries related to delivery to the object, customs, insurance and other subtleties of direct deliveries.

In addition to high-end solar modules and inverters, we supply proven mounting systems for roofs, ground-based and trackers. Our warranty period, as well as our personal responsibility to customers, forces us to carefully select fastening systems capable of serving no less than the allotted time for photovoltaic panels – 25-30 years of trouble-free operation.